14:19:12 From J.J. Du Chateau : Piet, I sometimes see conflation of strategic goals/objectives (the ends) with strategy itself (the means).  Do you experience this? And how much do U-Wash Biz Arch actually help with setting strategic goals/objectives vs helping getting them articulate in a certain manner?

14:24:24 From Alberto Mendoza - Boston College : Who defined what Capabilities are? 

14:32:33 From James J Phelps : http://www.uxforthemasses.com/service-model-canvas/

14:33:03 From J.J. Du Chateau : Yes, that is it.

14:38:41 From James J Phelps : There is another skill that is around Room / Content management in the room.  It is part of facilitation but it can be overlooked as a skill on its own.

14:39:42 From James J Phelps : https://www.sfia-online.org/en/framework/sfia-7/the-context-for-sfia

14:40:04 From James J Phelps : This is another framework that breaks things into Skills and Knowledge away from the Hard / Soft skill notion

14:40:25 From Alberto Mendoza - Boston College : EventStorming - An act of deliberate collective learning by Alberto Brandolini.  It's not finished book but you can find it https://www.eventstorming.com/book/

14:40:59 From Alberto Mendoza - Boston College : in terms of facilitating sticky note discussions

15:02:02 From Louis King : Thank you Piet, all. That was fantastic. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

15:02:18 From Piet Niederhausen (UWash) : Thanks Louis. Have a good weekend everyone.

15:02:19 From Alberto Mendoza - Boston College : Thank you Piet!

15:04:03 From beths : Thank you, Piet!