Note: There was not a quorum of CTAB members on this call. 


Baseline Expectations (BE) update

InCommon is removing several non-BE adhering entities from the InCommon metadata today, per Albert’s email to CTAB.

InCommon staff is working with a few other entities  to help them meet Baseline Expectations.

Planning Baseline Expectations v2  

Status on CTAB Recruiting for 2020

CTAB F2F meeting at 2019 TechEx, Wed. Dec. 11, 12:30PM-1:30PM

Draft Abstract  for CTAB session at 2019 TechEx

Please come and attend an open meeting of the Community Assurance and Trust Board (CTAB)! In this meeting we will discuss controversial new requirements for Baseline version 2, such as:

 should the abstract mention the importance of the community consensus process?

Next CTAB call: Wed. Oct. 9, 2019