This is a sample planning guide for Grouper Installation and Deployment, with content contributed by New York University. It is intended to provide a framework as you are getting started implementing Grouper at your site. There are three primary stages:

 Grouper 2.5+ installation requires using a container. See the  InCommon Trusted Access Platform (ITAP) Docker Containers.

I - Planning Stage

Gain a basic understanding of Grouper

Set initial goals

Establish a set of specific goals for your initial project.

Plan hardware and software environments

Plan groups data hierarchy and naming

Determine application and data components to use

The Grouper software consists of a number of major application and data components, not all of which you may wish to install and run from the beginning....

II - Installation, Testing, Rollout

Sketch out your actual installation, testing, and rollout process, including:

Install & Test

III - Develop integration materials

Develop documentation, sample code, examples for use by app developers who wish to integrate their software with your Grouper installation.

To help other sites and facilitate the success of the Grouper community, please contribute your documents to the Grouper Community Contributions area.

Consider how you will train and communicate with and educate your stakeholders about Grouper. These examples may be of interest:

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