Grouper Web Services


"Member change subject" will change the subject that a member refers to. You would want to do this when a person or entity changes their id, or if they were loaded wrong in the system. If the new subject does not have a member associated with it, this is a simple case, where the subject data is put in the member object. If the new subject does have a member object, then all data in all tables that referred to the old member object, will now refer to the new member object. The old member is deleted from the member table by default, though this is an option. Generally you will want it removed, unless there is a foreign key problem where you need to do as much work as possible. In GSH you can get a dry-run report of what will be done.

The operation is potentially time consuming only when two formerly separate Subjects are being merged into one, and that the time required is to replace the memberships (and audit fields e.g. modifiedBy) of the formerly separate Subject that is being retired with new ones associated with the other Subject.


Member change subject Lite service

Member change subject service