Release Notes for Grouper v1.3.X

This page includes the new features and fixes for Grouper v1.3.0 and v1.3.1. Download Grouper v1.3.X on the main Download page.

Grouper v1.3.0 is a significant new release which includes a new and experimental Web Services Interface and an improved user interface. Details on the improvements and outstanding issues for this version can be found in the Internet2 Jira issue tracker for the API, the UI and the WS

Note: With release v1.3.0, Grouper requires the ant compiler v1.6.3 or later. It no longer builds correctly using older versions of ant.


Description of Feature Adds, Improvements, Changes, Revisions, & Fixes


Grouper v1.3.1

Release v1.3.1 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Improved: Directory structure for the API project, as noted in Prerequisites
  • Fixed: Some circumstances in which memberships are "orphaned", i.e., not deleted but should be.
  • Added: A command line utility to identify any orphaned memberships.
  • Fixed: Several UI bugs.
  • Fixed: Memberships of unresolvable Subjects could not be deleted.

    The Grouper Jira issues for v1.3.1 shows a detailed list of the issues resolved in v1.3.1.


Grouper v1.3.0

Release v1.3.0 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • New: experimental web services interface.
  • New: extension for removing memberships for unresolvable subjects.
  • Improved: user interface.
  • Improved: Hibernate support. Upgraded to Hibernate 3.2.6 and added transaction support Hibernate 2.x support is no longer included.
  • New: applied transactions to the UI so that a whole action succeeds and is committed, or fails and is rolled back.
  • Added: exception handling and logging to the UI.
  • Added: ability to disable editing of group attributes / member lists for site configured groups i.e. groups which should be loader maintained.
  • Added: foreign keys to database.
  • Improved: performance.
  • Added: compiled Java in all components includes debug information, which means that stack traces in log files will have line numbers which makes it easier to debug problems.
  • Improved: new settings in make it possible to define user / db connection urls which can / cannot have their schemas rebuilt. If not configured the test script will prompt the user to confirm that it is OK to drop a schema. This makes it more difficult to accidentally lose data.
  • Improved: transaction handling code will attempt to inject additional information into a caught Exception. If successful the Exception is not logged - assumes that your code will handle logging.
  • Added: jsr107cache-1.0.jar - required by default on Solaris.
  • Fixed: some CSS issues with IE6.
  • Improved: changed the XHTML declaration to use transitional DTD rather than strict - reduces number of errors until we can try to tidy up issues.
  • Fixed: Advanced Search link for groups in the UI.
  • Added: additional error checking in the UI - whether key properties are set and added option to build the generated client when building the web service.
  • Added: example kerberos authentication configuration for the UI.
  • Added: gsh source to the Internet2 CVS repository and added a page to the Wiki.
  • Fixed: gsh.bat - was not correctly building the classpath.
  • Improved: gsh error reporting. Exceptions from Grouper should now be summarised in gsh output and full stack traces writen to grouper_error.log.


Upgrading from v1.2.1

Grouper Change Log

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