Docker Containers

These Docker containers simplify the installation and configuration of the software. They are pre-configured to work well with the InCommon Federation.

Shibboleth IdP Docker Linux Container (3.4.6)

  • Current release: 3.4.6_20191002
  • Container Image Name: tier/shib-idp:3.4.6_20191002
  • Notes: bump Java to 8-232 and Tomcat to 9.0.27
  • Container Source Code

Shibboleth IdP Docker Windows Container (3.4.6)

  • Current release: 20191002
  • Container Image Name: tier/shib-idp-windows:20191002_3.4.6
  • Notes: bump Java to 8-232 and Tomcat to 9.0.27
  • Container Source Code

Shibboleth IdP Config Builder Container

Shibboleth SP Linux httpd Container (3.0.4)

  • Current release: 3.0.4_03122019
  • Container Image Name: tier/shibboleth_sp:3.0.4_03122019
  • Notes: Update SP version 
  • Container Source Code

Shibboleth SP Windows IIS Container (

  • Current release: 190301
  • Container Image Name: tier/shib-sp-windows-iis:latest
  • Notes: Initial version
  • Container Source Code

Grouper Linux Container (2.4.0)

Grouper Linux Container (2.3.0)

COmanage Linux Container (3.2.0)

midPoint  Linux Container Preview (3.9)

The InCommon Trusted Access PlatformResearch and Education's solution for identity and access management, is community-built software for identity and access management, enabling single sign-on access to collaborations and the cloud.

The Trusted Access Platform software may be used without fees, as-is, without warranty or support of any kind, and for non-commercial purposes only.  For more information, see the Apache 2.0 license that governs the community software use and reuse.

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