TAC Meeting September 27, 2018

Attending: Mark Scheible, Heather Flanagan, Matt Brookover, Janemarie Duh, Eric Goodman, Eric Kool-Brown, Keith Wessel, Albert Wu, Mike Grady

With: Ian Young, Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, David Walker, IJ Kim, David Shafer, Steve Zoppi, Shannon Roddy

Regrets: Judith Bush, Ann West,

Action Items

TAC approved, via an email vote, the new eduGAIN export policy (8 agree and no dissent)

Resolved: InCommon Operations should modify the federation manager to require that entity descriptors contain at least a technical contact in order to be exported to eduGAIN. InCommon Operations should notify the Site Administrators of any organization that currently exports entity descriptors that do not have a technical contact, and ask them to add one, or uncheck the "export this metadata to eduGAIN" checkbox, before November 14, 2018. Note that any currently exported entity descriptors that do not have a technical contact after this date will be administratively removed from export to eduGAIN by InCommon Operations on this date."

Ops Update

Trust and Identity Update

International Update

Working Group Updates

FIM4R Report Responses

Potential topics for Face-to-Face at TechEx

Nominees slate

Value of Federation

Next Meeting - October 11, 2018 - 1 pm ET