One assumption is that you will put in place a way to transfer files produced by the Shibboleth UI into your Shibboleth IdP instance(s). beyond that, this page discusses the variety of configuration changes one needs to make to one's Shibboleth IdP 3.4.x to take advantage of the metadata-related files produced by the Shibboleth UI.

Deployment and Assumptions

The Shibboleth UI has been built to be deployed as its own web app. It would run in the same servlet engine as the IdP, or it could run in a separate one. The key link is that files generated by the UI need to end up making it into the IdP's configuration (conf/) directory, however you want to make that happen. That could be a NFS/SMB file sharing approach, it could be rsync or something similar, or you could put the files into a repo and then pull out of the repo into the IdP. Details on the deployment of the ShibUI can be found in the Bitbucket repo README.

There are some basic assumptions that the ShibUI makes about your Shibboleth IdP deployment, that you must do in order for the "full magic" of this ShibUI to have an impact. Some of those assumptions to date (thru MVP2) are: