CTAB Call Wed. Sept. 26, 2018



New Action Items

[AI] Brett start a skeleton of the slides for the Oct 11 webinar

[AI]  Brett   find a time to meet within the next week for CTAB to discuss response to FIM4R.

[AI]  CTAB - put your comments in the FIM4R response document

[AI] Ted - bring up to Steering that recruitment for CTAB is coming -  (Ted will contact Sean Reynolds about doing so on the Oct 1 Steering meeting)

[AI] Brett  draft  a recruitment email for new CTAB members


Internet2 IP Policy  Reminder

Baseline Expectations

Requesting Extensions for meeting Baseline Expectations

List of Entities meeting baseline

Federation manager and Baseline Expectations

Meeting Baseline Expectations Webinar Oct. 11, 2018 at 4pm ET 


FIM4R Response   

Recruiting New CTAB Members

Tech Ex 2018

Next CTAB Call : Wed. October 10, 2018