TAC Meeting September 13, 2018


Attending: Judith Bush, Eric Kool-Brown, Heather Flanagan, Mark Scheible, Matt Brookover, Janemarie Duh, Michael Grady, Keith Wessel, Eric Goodman

With: Nick Roy, Ian Young, Ann West, Kevin Morooney, David Walker, Shannon Roddy, Steve Zoppi, IJ Kim

Action Items

Ops Update

Trust and Identity Project Update

Working Group Updates

OIDC Update - Mainly talked about whether to have an IAM Online in October. Came to the conclusion that things aren't quite ready for that.

Deployment Profile - Sparse attendance at the two calls for public input. Taking that to mean that people are fine with what we’ve done. Need to get the final report to Kantara for SAML2int and also to TAC on the other recommendations.

REFEDS Federation 2.0 - This will be a topic of conversation at TechEx.

InCommon Federation Wiki Update - David Walker

David was charged with reviewing the InCommon Federation wiki space to reorganize information, deprecate out-of-date information, and provide a few “how-to” documents with technical information about starting with federation.

CACTI/TAC FIM4R work update

Discussion of any comments on streamlining SP onboarding final report

TAC 2019 nominations

TAC Face-to-Face at TechEx

Next Meeting - September 27, 2018 - 1 pm ET