The recent move of the Internet2 Spaces wiki into the new Internet2 Collaboration Platform created a new "short" URL for each of the wiki pages. The new URLs were the same as the old ones, except that the host name is now, instead of The Collaboration Platform deployers provided redirects for the old short URLs, but that was intended only as a short-term solution to give people time to update links. Since the T&I Document Repository uses the short URL as the target for the DOI System's redirects, we need to update the DOI System.

Fortunately, CrossRef, Internet2's DOI registrar, can accept a two-column .tsv file with DOIs and redirect URLs to perform the update, so we didn't have to make all the changes manually, but we did have to create the .tsv file. Unfortunately, it's not easy to get short URLs from Confluence in a programmatic fashion.  Here's what I did:

  1. I created a text-only version of Trust and Identity Document Repository Index by copying and pasting it from the browser into a text editor and saving it into a file, RepositoryIndex.txt.
  2. I ran "NewDOIRedirectsRepositoryIndex.txtDOIsAndRedirects-Old.tsv" to get the current redirect mappings.
  3. I used a text editor to create DOIsAndRedirects-New.tsv from DOIsAndRedirects-Old.tsv after:
    1. deleting the rows for TI.101.1 and TI.107.1, which already used the host name, and
    2. replacing all instances of spaces.internet2 with
  4. I submitted DOIsAndRedirects-New.tsv to CrossRef.