InCommon is developing a program, tentatively called the InCommon Defined Identity Assurance Program, to define and certify standard practices for "identity assurance".  This permits service providers who require higher levels of assurance for access to sensitive or high-risk resources to have a well-defined process for assessing identity providers.  The InCommon program is intended to be consistent with similar initiatives in other communities, including the US Federal Government.

The following DRAFT documents describe the program and profiles:

The Framework and Profiles documents are now available for public comment.  We encourage InCommon participants to review these documents and provide feedback.  Discussion on various InCommon and Identity email lists is encouraged.  You may also send comments to the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee via this email address "tac (at)". Or, you may choose to leave comments on this wiki page, below.  InCommon expects to finalize the documents and make the program operational in the next few months.