CTAB  Call Wed. May 23, 2018




Updates on Action Items from previous calls:

Baseline Expectations

Readiness for June 15

Getting from Baseline Expectations Required to Baseline Expectations Enforced

Transition the Community to InCommon Baseline Expectations

Suggested Resources for InCommon Staff working on outreach around BE

Federation Manager “Enforcement” of Baseline Expectations


Please review these blogs Brett has drafted for an upcoming BE themed newsletter:  

   Baseline Expectation Community Consensus Process

Need to resolve Tom’s comment about whether initial and call for alternatives should be combined into one…. Brett thinks yes. Brett  will handle this

Hope for a CTAB demo from BillK  around COmanage to be scheduled in the coming weeks to shed light on spinning up groups around dispute resolution and community consensus.

Consultation scheduled for

Table top exercise around supporting baseline and dispute resolution


Monthly Assurance Calls - Should they be continued?

REFEDS Consultations

Next CTAB Call: Wed, June 6, 2018