Minutes - February 1, 2018

Attending: Judith Bush, Eric Kool-Brown, Mark Scheible, Matt Brookover, Heather Flanagan, Keith Wessel, Mike Grady, Eric Goodman

With: Nick Roy, David Walker, Dean Woodbeck, Ian Young, Dave Shafer, Steve Zoppi, Kevin Morooney, Ann West, Shannon Roddy

Regrets: Janemarie Duh

NOTE WELL: All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework

Ops Update

  1. ROBOT update - InCommon Ops identified three vulnerable IdPs in InCommon metadata. All three were contacted and made the fix prior to the Shibboleth Consortium announcing the vulnerability.

  2. TLS support for metadata downloads was announced yesterday.

  3. FM release v3.2.1 - Dave Shafer reviewed this release, which is mainly changes that the user will not see directly..

  4. The Metadata Aggregator v8 will be released Feb 28. This release will incorporate a new rule framework for validating scopes, permitting regular expression scopes but validating them. It also catches issues with some problematic scopes.

  5. Updated FM roadmap - the 2018 roadmap is nearly ready for public consumption.

Trust and Identity Updates

Working Group Updates

Attributes for Collaboration and Federation WG - Mark Scheible - Members of the group are contacting IdP operators to gather information about why they don’t release R&S. The group also conducted a survey along that same line.

OIDC WG - Eric Kool-Brown - Nathan Dors, the WG chair, produced a roadmap with work streams and timelines. The group is also developing a template to survey for deployments.

SP Onboarding WG - Judith Bush - The group is looking at the current SAMLint work.

Deployment Profile WG - Keith Wessel - The WG is closing in on completing the SAMLint work. They are also identifying issues that might be addressed by a follow-on group.

TAC Roadmap

Mark summarized accomplishments from previous TAC roadmaps and discussed the potential for 2018.

2017 TAC accomplishments

  1. Increased transparency - minutes, membership process, nomination process, wiki pages

  2. New working groups and participation of new TAC members in them

  3. Successfully recruiting more diverse TAC members

2016 TAC accomplishments

  1. Results of OIDC survey which suggested the chartering of the OIDC implementation WG

  2. InCommon Per-Entity Metadata WG

  3. Implementation Profile WG (which resulted in https://kantarainitiative.github.io/SAMLprofiles/fedinterop.html) - also led to the current Deployment Profile WG

TAC Charter

  1. The charter may need to be revised, given the new Trust and Identity  governance/advisory structure

  2. A revised or new mission statement may also be necessary, based on the current environment and projects, particularly related to research and collaboration. It may be helpful to have Tom Barton speak to TAC about these efforts. In addition, with the expansion of staff, Internet2/InCommon employees can now focus on many issues that TAC used to handle, as do the CTAB and Ops Advisory Group.


Kevin reported that four groups have all had the same conversation independently:  management, TAC, PAG, and CACTI. They are all discussing developing priorities and/or work plans for 2018 and beyond. Kevin is piecing these together and anticipates a task force that will help compile and correlate these and help set a direction for the future.

Suggested areas of focus for 2018

Next Meeting - February 15, 2018 - 1 pm ET