This survey was originally created and distributed to EU National Research Networks by Otto Kreiter and others at Dante. It has been adapted to serve US Regional Networks. A similar effort was undertaken by the Quilt. Questions from the Virtual NOC Tools Workshop in the Fall of 2008 were referenced and integrated where appropriate.


We plan to complete these questions on performance working group calls. Anyone who would like to contribute but is unable to attend, we will send results after each call and solicit input from those who were unable to attend. When we have completed the survey, we will post the results on this wiki. 


We hope the discussion generated by this survey will assist members of the working group by: (1) increasing awareness and understanding of practices in peer organizations, (2) and by increasing awareness and understanding of Internet2 staff so that they may better assist the Internet2 community.

1. Description of services provided by NOC at your REN.

2. Description of the structure of the NOC and network.

3. NOC Network Monitoring

4. Principles of trouble-shooting network-related problems

5. Metrics collected:

6. Visualization tools employed and used for monitoring and troubleshooting

7. Alarm based monitoring

8. Related Information Systems

Database and other IS used to store and retrieve information about topology and network

9. Monitoring related tools administration

10. Availability of data

11. Reporting

12. NOC relationship with other entities (NREN, Campus, Universities, GEANT2, etc)

13. Experiences and plans in respect to national and multi-domain monitoring