Survey Strategy and Goals

The intent of this survey is to collect information from higher ed institutions about their current strategies for dealing with test accounts/identities, and what gap(s) they see between the tools they currently have at their disposal and what would meet their needs. Security is becoming more and more of an issue in how we test our applications and systems. The aim of our survey is to collect the current state of affairs and also the good ideas of our colleagues, and then share the results of the survey and perhaps spark some discussion about various testing strategies, and determine if there is a way in which MACE-DIR could help support these strategies.

If you would like, we can keep your responses anonymous - just check the box at the end of the survey. Survey results will be made public.

Survey Draft

  1. Identity management departments at Higher Ed institutions have many different ways to provide testing accounts and identities for their application developers. These range from "just test in production" to more complex strategies. Can you please describe how your institution approaches this problem?
  2. If you have a separate test identity environment, are all developers on campus allowed to use it or is it limited to the developers in your central IT department?
  3. Sometimes problems or bugs arise which can only be solved in the production environment. How does your institution handle this type of situation?
  4. If your institution allows test accounts in the production environment, what governance is used:
  5. Many application developers use their desktops for initial development, then move on to a test environment, and then move on to production. Do you provide any special identities for the "development" environment (as opposed to "test" and "production")?
  6. At least one institution has created a "test" attribute in their production directory which is used to indicate that an entry is not a real identity. Do you think it would be useful to have an attribute like that available as part of the eduperson schema?
  7. What doesn't work about your current test environment?
  8. Would you like your survey answers kept anonymous?
  9. Any other comments, ideas or issues you would like to see discussed with respect to identity management test entities?

Thank you for participating!