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RedThere are significant issues with the project. The project requires corrective action to meet business objectives. The issue cannot be handled solely by the project manager or project team.
AmberA problem has a negative effect on project performance but can be dealt with by the project manager or project delivery team. Action is taken to resolve the problem or a decision made to watch the situation.
GreenThe project is performing to plan. All aspects of project viability are within tolerance.

T&I Projects




% Complete

Project Manager

Project Lead


eduroam Sustainability

JIRA Board

High99%Erin MurthaMike Zawacki1 of the original ~500 contracts is pending execution.

eduroam Hardware Refresh

Project Plan

JIRA Board

High95%Erin MurthaMike ZawackiThe final step is to dispose of hardware. The team is working on a plan for this activity.

eduroam Security Assessment

Project Plan

Medium55%Erin MurthaMike ZawackiTwo of the eight recommendations are in-flight. The team is discussing how to best adopt a security risk management framework and also investigating storage options of backups at an offsite and/or offline location.

InCommon Federation Manager Software Development

Wiki Home

FM Roadmap

JIRA Board


Bill Kaufman,

John Hoinville (Alfa Jango)

Nick Roy

Completing Entity Attribute Handling Overhaul

Re-visiting overall Roadmap in consideration for integration with the Internet2 Collaboration Platform to offset Executive and RA access management to functions in the FM.

InCommon Test Federation


Bill Kaufman,

Charise Arrowood (Unicon)

Nick RoyIn planning stage. Working to develop patterns for using integration with the Internet2 Collaboration Platform and streamlining the testing environment.

InCommon Baseline Expectations

BE Roadmap

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Medium99%Erin MurthaTom Barton

A survey will be sent to the community soon to assess our effectiveness with process and communications. When this survey closes, the results will feed into the final project retrospective report.

InCommon DevOps Scaling

Service Transition Plan

JIRA Board

High95%Bill KaufmanNick Roy

Technology Preview now in service.

Production security keys recently generated by the team in Denver.

Community now being encouraged to transition to MetaData Querying.

InCommon Certificate Service

Wiki Home

2018 Work Plan

Medium65%Erin MurthaPaul CaskeyWork continues to move forward against the 2018-19 Work Plan. Specific attention is being focused on the ACME beta.

Software Dev: Collaboration Success Program 2.0

Wiki Home

High5%Erin MurthaAnn West

Promotion for the next CSP will begin during the May webinar and will follow up with a survey to assess interest in deploying and training for each of the Trusted Access Platform components. More information will be shared at BaseCAMP, with the official kick-off taking place in January 2020. Website Upgrade

High85%Dean WoodbeckAnn WestDevelopment of a new InCommon website based on Word Press is under way. It is intended to provide additional resources with easier navigation and content management. Service owners are in the midst of drafting content to populate the new site with assistance from the Marcom Web Team.

Internet2 Collaboration Platform

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Phase 2 10%

Production V1 Released

Bill Kaufman

Steve Zoppi

Internet2's Identity & Access Management system.

The Production V1 Release currently manages identities and access rights in the Internet2 wiki space and can be used to associate wiki spaces with email lists for collaborations.

New Jira (project management tool) to be rolled out April 26th under

Next steps include development of Access Policy Management of many of the applications the the Community and Internet2 use every day.

Training Program Development

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HighOngoingErin Murtha

InCommon Academy

Medium60%Erin Murtha, James Babb, Albert WuAnn WestThe focus of this training is to introduce InCommon to a beginner. The team is developing content, using ppt as a primary tool. Estimated completion date is mid-August.
InCommon TAP Overview



Erin Murtha, Paul CaskeyAnn West, Steve ZoppiThe focus of this training is a use case based exploration of all of the TAP components working together in harmony. The team has worked to identify 4 use cases to show case within the complex demo. Work continues to further develop the infrastructure and define the use cases.



Medium100%Erin Murtha, Paul CaskeyAnn West, Steve ZoppiA successful training workshop was delivered at UMBC from April 30 - May 1.



Medium65%Erin Murtha, James Babb, Bill Thompson (Unicon)Ann West, Steve ZoppiBill Thompson, Chris Hyzer, and James Babb are creating content for the Grouper School training. The team will deliver a F2F workshop at UW Madison on June 17 -18.



Medium10%Erin Murtha, Benn Oshrin (SCG)Ann West, Steve ZoppiBenn Oshrin and Laura Paglione are developing content for a planned F2F workshop this fall.



Medium10%Erin Murtha, Igor Farinic(Evolveum)Ann West, Steve ZoppiEvolveum will lead a training course this fall, incorporating the InCommon TAP components. Discussions will soon spin up to plan this event.

InCommon Trusted Access Platform Program

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HighOnGoingBill KaufmanAnn West Steve ZoppiThe InCommon Trusted Access Platform is the successor of the TIER Initiative intended to provide sustainable software operations and development with community guidance.

TIER Transition



Documentation updates will be ongoing through 2019

Bill KaufmanSteve ZoppiThe 3-Year TIER initiative is winding down in early 2019. This transition to the InCommon Trusted Access Platform is the effort to organize all of the TIER Deliverables, Documentation, and Artifacts to provide sustainability as well as an Operations and Support Plan.

midPoint Component

Wiki Home



Demonstration versions now under testing

5 - 7 HE institutions have expressed interest in testing with this upcoming release

Bill Kaufman

Keith Hazelton

Steve Zoppi

This project is coming to completion as a second phase of the midPoint development to provide for Grouper <=> midPoint integration in a way that can lead to other "component/SOR" / midPoint integrations.

The midPoint container is currently available and being tested and refined by the architects.

midPoint is an open source software application that was adopted by the TIER community members at TechEx 2017.

It can be used for a variety of IAM functions and viewed as excellent facility to provision / de-provision identities and association authorization into applications.

Shibboleth UI

Wiki Home


Next phase of work under planning.

Phase 4 (Rel 5) Complete

Phase 3 (MVP4) now released for campus testing

Bill Kaufman,

Charise Arrowood (Unicon)

Steve Zoppi

Planning is under way for a next phase of work to provide Roll-Back ability to revert to previous versions of metadata for IdP operators.

Unicon and Internet2 are developing a joint communications campaign to engage with the community to test/adopt.

The goal of this User Interface is to make the management of complex Service Provider metadata much easier to manage and maintain for those IdP Operators who are not highly skilled with Shibboleth.

Shibboleth Component

Home Page


HighIDP V4 targeted Q4 2019Scott CantorSteve ZoppiThe core Shibboleth IdP and SP software developed and maintained by the Shibboleth Consortium with Internet2 guidance and Community funding.

Grouper Component

Wiki Home

Chris HyzerSteve ZoppiThe core Grouper software with Internet2 guidance and Community funding.

COmanage Component

Wiki Home


HighV3.3 targeted Q2 2019Benn OshrinSteve ZoppiThe core COmanage software with Internet2 guidance and Community funding.
Projects Impacting T&I:

Cloud Connect

Allison FerreiraKevin Morooney & Rob VietzkeLink coming soon for the dashboard updates.
Infrastructure Platform

MediumRequirements Scoping in ProgressBill KaufmanSteve ZoppiDeveloping Business Case and Requirements
Projects Completed in 2018:

InCommon Certificate Service: Phase 1 Federated and MFA Access

2017 Work Report 

Medium100%Erin MurthaPaul CaskeyWork Plan

Software Dev: Campus Success Program 1.0

Wiki Home

High100%Erin MurthaAnn West

The final report has been approved and circulated to stakeholders.

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