Internet2 and the COmanage Project are pleased to announce the release of COmanage Registry version 3.0.0. This release is a feature release, primarily focused on introducing a refreshed user interface with improved capabilities:

In order to provide a transition opportunity to sites deployed on 2.0, we will maintain the 2.0 series through the end of 2017, but only for security fixes or bugs reported by and affecting current 2.0 deployments. All other development will move to the 3.x series.

It should largely be a "drop-in" upgrade from 2.0.x to 3.0.0, though the usual upgrade procedures should be followed. Custom plugins may need changes to their views. Deployments on 1.0.0 or later may upgrade directly to this release. Deployments on earlier versions must follow the previously described upgrade paths to 1.0.0 before upgrading.

Full release notes are available at

The project roadmap is available at

For further information about COmanage and to download the software, please visit: and

The project would like to thank the following organizations for their support that helped make COmanage Registry v3.0.0 possible:

In addition, the project would like to thank Internet2 for ongoing operational funding, and the following organizations for past and current contributions to the project: