Action Items from Past Meetings

(AI) TAC should review the IdP strategy document (

(AI) TAC should review the information for IdPs on the wiki and consider useful additions and revisions.

(AI) Ann or Kevin talk with Klaas Weirenga from GÉANT about a presentation to TAC meeting concerning their T&I roadmap for, say, the next 3 years? <= Deferred to August


Attending: Mark Scheible, Keith Wessel, Tom Mitchell, Janemarie Duh, Walter Hoehn, Eric Goodman, Mike Grady, Kim Milford, Albert Wu

With: Dean Woodbeck, David Walker, Nick Roy, Dave Shafer, IJ Kim, Kevin Morooney, Steve Olshansky, Ann West, Steve Zoppi


Introduction of Dave Shafer, new Trust and Identity DevOps manager

Ops Update (Nick)

Trust and Identity Update

Working Group Updates

There was also discussion about the appointment of the working group co-chairs. The TAC sponsor of the WG is responsible for that.

REFEDS Software Requirements for Discovery

REFEDS is forming this working group - so far there has not been any response to the charter review.

Trust and Identity direction/focus for new IdP operators

There was discussion about where TAC should focus efforts in this area. There are a number of resources available and groups working on different aspects of this issue (such as the TIER packaging group). Cirrus is preparing to roll out a service that may be helpful in this area. In addition, there are past working groups (such as the Alternative IdP WG) that have provided recommendations. There are a number of wiki pages that might help, but they are either not well organized or not easily findable.

Ann reported that the biggest gap InCommon is seeing is with service providers and VOs and understanding those needs.

This discussion will continue on a future call.

Next Meeting - August 17 - 1 pm ET