The info on this page applies to Grouper 2.5 and above.

Grouper AWS SQS messaging system works with Standard and FIFO queues.

It uses BasicAWSCredentials method to authenticate with AWS. You need to configure the accessKey and secretKey properties in file. You don't need to enter your accessKey and secretKey in plain text. You can encrypt both of the properties using encrypt.key property. 

You can follow this link: to setup SQS and get your access key and secret key.


All the properties you can set in for AWS SQS.

# name of a messaging system. note, "awsSystem" can be arbitrary = awsSystem

# class that implements edu.internet2.middleware.grouperClient.messaging.GrouperMessagingSystem
grouper.messaging.system.awsSystem.class = edu.internet2.middleware.grouperMessagingAWS.GrouperMessagingSqsSystem

# sqs settings
grouper.messaging.system.awsSystem.accessKey = 

grouper.messaging.system.awsSystem.secretKey = 

grouper.messaging.system.awsSystem.defaultPageSize = 5

#SQS can return maximum of 10 messages at once so don't set the value higher than 10.
grouper.messaging.system.awsSystem.maxPageSize = 10

# default system settings to this messaging system, note, there is only one level of inheritance. (optional)
grouper.messaging.system.awsSystem.defaultSystemName = awsSystem file must have the same messaging system name as defined above. See example below:

changeLog.consumer.esb.publisher.messagingSystemName = awsSystem