Grouper Call 28 June-2017




Action Items

Action Items
[AI] (Shilen) look at  Scott Koranda issue of occasional failure of loader job with include/exclude. Should we have a fixer script for this?
[AI] (Shilen)  Grouper upgrade does not see stems
[AI] (Chris)  Display cron schedule on loader list

[AI] (Chris) PageSize and PageNumber to getMemberships
[AI] (Chris) Attestation bug and feature request
[AI] (Chris)   UI bug with repeated “type”

[AI] (Chris)  Timeout for LDAP loader default (10 seconds)?  Why silent failure?
[AI] (Bert) create wiki page with proposal for addressing GRP-1533 on commas
[AI] (Chris) ask Misagh about Grouper and github and build process; it tries to autobuild the repo and is failing (Next step is to remove the gibhub build process or just the SCIM portion? Chris will do more follow up)

[AI] (Carey) provide specific info on pages on Grouper wiki that need updating

RE: was updated several times, and was previously identified as “the way to report such issues”. ( Please advise if this is not the desired way to report wiki issues. )

[AI] (Chris) edit LDAP loader in UI fails when legacy group type doesn’t exist (DONE, Chris will email)
[AI] (Chris) GRP-1489 pull request (DONE, Chris will email)
[AI] (Chris) reply to Brigitte about MyServices in newUI and mask branches

[AI]  (Chris) WS LDAP authentication
[AI]  (Chris) remove privileges from groups (Akki Kumar)

[AI] (Bert) survey Grouper list on ldaptive /VTLDAP config strings issue [Email done, responses received, need to summarize into wiki]
[AI] (Chris) to look at PSPNG status page to see if patch works

[AI (Bert) document the findings somewhere on wiki on Grouper and openldap for large groups

[AI] (Bert)  reply to Chris Sutherin UMBC on pspng examples [Bert to reply]
[AI] (Bert)  reply to Scott Koranda about massaging group names in provisioning
[AI] (Bert) reply to Shaun K about name null in pspng
[AI] (Bert) to reply to Peter St Onge
[AI] (Bert) Jeffrey Crawford email 1/12, full sync missing members
[AI] (Bert)  Scott Koranda email 1/12, error on change log consumer psp
[AI] (Bert) email the list about (a small) Office365 versus Dropbox and next PSP project
[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia


Completed  (or moved to JIRA) action items
[AI] (Chris) update GSH documentation per discussion with Carey of O (DONE)
[AI] (Chris) add TIER API to the Grouper download page and do testing (DONE)
[AI] (Shilen) follow up with U Colorado on patches for accessibility and cc grouper-core DONE
[AI] (Bert) Marwan Shahar and deleting groups in pspng? (2/20?) [In progress, at least groups schema that require a member] DONE
[AI] (Bert) 2/27: Paul Engle, I was excited when the grouper_loader_log seemed to indicate that the job finished in an hour or so. Less so once I looked at the log and realized it was actually still running its worker threads... :  [Reply, Same as Michael’s request] DONE

[AI] (Bert) create a JIRA for getting empty results from queries of a Grouper message, instead of blocking until there is a result [Done, Dup, GRP-1549]
[AI]  (Bert)  status page for pspng (Gettes email)
• Status: Coded and doing final test before pushing to github, ETA: Commit & Patch today


 Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework Reminder

Current work tasks
Vivek – Messaging strategies
• Chris will kick the tires on the messaging work

• Keith H is interested in this work for a TechEx TIER demo

• Issue with acknowledge and channels, but no action to take

• Using AWS is a path to take

• wiki on Messaging:
Chris –patches, deprovisioning
Bert – PSPNG
• Worked on Maven and encrypted passwords

• Issues on the server

• Put everything in Grouper Client and get rid of morph string?

• API has morph string as dependency

• It’s OK for now, might need to change if build process gets revamped

Bert now working on problems with commas in group names
• Group creation

• Be sure membership names are handled correctly

• Looking for commas due to expression language, some expressions should be escaped and some not

• Issue of impacting the DN processing
• Suggestion: make it explicit, modular, configuration based approach

• Gabor: OK to  process  implicitly, but document and state it will only accept un-escaped components

• Chris: two escape functions: one for DN and one for filters

• Config value with default to be DN

• Which expressions to escape? What about bushy DN?

• Can’t escape bushyDN after the fact

• Gabor: do escaping as late as possible for each sub expression

• Shilen: for case w DN and filter, then escape differently

• [AI] (Bert) create wiki page with proposal for addressing GRP 1533 on commas in group names

Shilen – GSH-NG
Issue roundup
·         Github travis
·         Scott Koranda, occasional failure of loader job with include/exclude (should we have a fixer script for this?) (AI for Shilen to look at this)
·         Timeout for LDAP loader default (10 seconds)?  Why silent failure? (AI for Chris)
·         Tomcat vs Jetty
·         Clock wrong in multiple WS and PIT and change log issue (can grouper handle this? Jira created)
·         Grouper install vs upgrade
·         Fixed priority in loader on UI, GRP-1569
·         Rabbitmq discussion
·         Plus signs in email addresses
·         Mvn clean install (with tests) fails on no rabbitmq installed… how to handle this?
·         UI bug with repeated “type” [AI for chris]
·         How non technical users construct complex groups (Steven Carmody)
·         PSPNG name with comma
·         PageSize and PageNumber to getMemberships (AI for Chris)
·         Grouper Javadoc refreshed in github (done)
·         John Gasper pull request for google provisioner accepted
·         Display cron schedule on loader list (AI for Chris)
·         AWS SQS discussion
·         Attestation bug and feature request (AI for Chris)
·         Grouper upgrade does not see stems (Shilen, any ideas?)
·         Server specs on grouper (is this on wiki somewhere?)
·         UI customizations

Upcoming Grouper Training

Grouper training will be offered Sunday Oct 15, 2017 8AM to noon,  at Internet2 Technology Exchange in San Francisco


Next Grouper Call : Wed. July 12 , 2017