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TI.1.1Trust and Identity Document StewardshipInternet2David Walker
TI.2.1The Document Repository ServiceInternet2David Walker
TI.3.1The InCommon Trust ModelInternet2David Walker, Ann West

CACTI (Community Architecture for Trust and Identity) Charter

Internet2Tom Barton
TI.5.1Final Report of the Per-Entity Metadata Working GroupInCommon TACScott Koranda, David Walker, working group members
Internet2 TIER Pipeline Design Document
Internet2Jim Van Fleet (
TI.7.1OIDC Survey Working Group ReportInCommon TACAlbert Wu, David Walker, working group members
TI.8.1Edu-Person Working Group CharterMACEUnknown
TI.9.1eduPerson 1.0 SpecificationMACEMACE-Dir
TI.9.2EduPerson Object Class Specification (200210)MACEMACE-Dir
TI.9.3EduPerson Specification (200312)MACEMACE-Dir
TI.9.4EduPerson Object Class Specification (200604a)MACEMACE-Dir
TI.9.5eduPerson Object Class Specification (200712)MACEMACE-Dir
TI.9.6eduPerson Object Class Specification (200806)MACEMACE-Dir
TI.9.7eduPerson Object Class Specification (201203)MACEMACE-Dir
TI.10.1EduOrg Object Class Specification (200210)MACEMACE-Dir
TI.11.1A Recipe for Configuring and Operating LDAP DirectoriesMACEMichael R Gettes
TI.12.1The Case for Comprehensive DiagnosticsMACEChas DiFatt, Mark Poepping
TI.13.1Middleware End-To-End Diagnostics Advisory Group (MW-E2ED)MACEMW-E2ED
TI.14.1Federation SoupMACEUnknown
TI.15.1Federation Soup: An Assembly of IngredientsMACEUnknown
TI.16.1Final Report: A Workshop on Effective Approaches to Campus Research Computing CyberinfrastructureNSFKen Klingenstein, Kevin Morooney, Steve Olshansky
TI.17.1WebISO: Target-Side Integration ModelsMACENathan Dors, MACE-WebISO
TI.18.1WebISO: Service model and component capabilitiesMACERL "Bob" Morgan, MACE-WebISO
TI.19.1Trusted Delegation of Privileges in an N-Tier EnvironmentMACEChad La Joie, Russell Tokuyama, MACE-WebISO
TI.20.1WEB Initial Sign-On Overview DraftMACERyan Muldoon, Scott Fullerton, MACE-WebISO
TI.21.1Web Initial Sign-On RequirementsMACERyan Muldoon, Scott Fullerton, MACE-WebISO
TI.22.1COManage DemonstrationMACEMichael Gettes
TI.23.1Practices in Directory GroupsMACETom Barton
TI.24.1Identifiers, Authentication, and Directories: Best Practices for Higher Education.MACEMACE-Dir
TIER Grouper Deployment Guide
TIERBill Thompson
TI.26.1Introduction to Identity FederationsInternet2David Walker, Ann West

Internet2 Disaster Recovery: Recovery Plan for Federation Services

Ann WestPaul Caskey, Mike LaHaye

InCommon Disaster Recovery: Recovery Plan for Certificate Services

 Ann West,Paul Caskey, Mike LaHaye
TI.29.1Steward Program Proof of Concept Six-Month ReportInternet2David Walker
TI.30.1eduCourse Data ModelMACETom Barton
TI.31.1Globally Unique Identifiers for Course OfferingsMACEGrace Agnew, Keith Hazelton
TI.32.1LDAP Representations of eduCourse Attributes and an Auxiliary Object ClassMACEKeith Hazelton
TI.33.1Metadirectory Practices for Enterprise Directories in Higher EducationMACEBrendan Bellina
TI.34.1Baseline Expectations for Trust in FederationInCommon AACTom Barton