Notes and Action Items, AAC Call of 10-May-2017





Action Items

[AI] (Emily) remind Brett of deadlines
 for Community Assurance call of Wed June 7

[AI] (Brett) move some of the details (regarding contacts/metadata and process to notify InCommon Community)  to an operational appendix in the Draft Processes to Implement and Maintain Baseline Expectations

[AI] (Ted) review the draft documents around Baseline Expectation and any additional context setting to validate that it’s a complete case to bring to InCommon Steering.  
[AI] (Tom) develop guiding principles for dispute resolution process
[AI] (Ann) continue to work on the Draft Processes to Implement and Maintain Baseline Expectations
[AI] (Brett) make additional updates to the Diagram, Community Dispute Resolution Process
[AI] (Tom and Brett) review documents to make them more generic so they could apply more broadly, such as to handle issues around tags such as R&S or SIRTFI.  


Review of 2017 Global Summit in DC
•  Sunday April 23 Kantara / Assurance Working meeting was valuable

• Much discussion about attribute release issues

• Consent demo was fascinating, impressive progress being made there

• Would be helpful to hear even more technical info.

• Furthering Trust in Federation session with Tom Barton and Chris Whalen and panel was excellent

Baseline Expectations

Key documents:


• Ted will look at the overall Baseline Expectations package to go to Steering. 

Coordination of Efforts

 Baseline Expectations Timeline - as discussed at the AAC  F2F in DC

• InCommon Assurance Program Review process planning


• Kantara 

• InCommon Steering


Next AAC call: Wed., May 24 at 4pm ET