Grouper Call Feb. 28,  2017

This call was a replacement call for the Grouper call of Wed Feb 22 that was cancelled


Chris Hyzer, U. Penn (chair)

Shilen Patel, Duke

Jim Fox, U. Washington


New Action Items from Feb 28, 2017

[AI] (Shilen) to send instrumentation info to dev list: ]

[AI]  (Chris)  update the penn pspng script to include attribute names 

[AI]  (Chris)  status page for pspng (Gettes email)

[AI] (Bert) full sync runs but status in grouper loader log is not set to SUCCESS (Gettes email)

Changelog temp to change log speed

[AI] (Bert)  Paul Engle, 2/16, pspng and user defined attributes

[AI]  (Chris) clarify that the subject description should standalone since it is displayed by itself

[AI] (Shilen) multiple nodes loader, needs to check if job is still running

[AI] (Bert) Marwan shahar and deleting groups in pspng? (2/20?)

[AI]  (Chris)  2/20 : Liam Hoekenga, inherited privileges.  Do they work for existing objects?

[AI for Bert]: get back to Akki Kumar about when groups that require a member will be implemented, GRP-1376: PSPNG: Support groups that require a member

[AI]  (Chris)  Chad Redman 2/22: 2 issues: The source ID drop down list doesn't really show the "IDs" Also order seems random, so it takes a while to find the right source.

[AI]  (Chris) Chad Redman: GRP-1489: Can't type multiple lines in Add Members copy/paste

[AI]  (Chris) 2/23 Yoann Delattre: null pointer on privileges

[AI] (Bert) 2/23 Paul Engle: pspng authoritative all values of attribute

[AI] (Bert)  2/23 Julio Macavilca: malformed DN

[AI for Shilen]: 2/24 email from Jeff Mccollough about delete member performance

[AI]  (Chris)  2/24: Jeff Mccollough The second issue is a redirect to the home screen if group creation is cancelled. It should be leaving the browser at the same level of view it had before the group creation screen is shown.

[AI] (Bert) 2/27: Paul Engle, I was excited when the grouper_loader_log seemed to indicate that the job finished in an hour or so. Less so once I looked at the log and realized it was actually still running its worker threads... :)

Older Action Items

[AI  (Chris)  GRP-1483 - ehcache large file sizes

[AI  (Chris)   GRP-1480 - users with admin priv can't remove group via subject page 

[AI] (Chris) GRP-1484: grouper subject api diagnostics can see if subjects are ordered correctly on search (chris to do by next wed)

[AI (Bert) to follow up with Martin Krenn on ldap passwords externalized

 [AI (Bert) document the findings here somewhere on wiki]Grouper and openldap for large groups

[AI] (Chris) add TIER API to the Grouper download page and do testing

 [AI] (Chris) patches for accessibility

[AI] (Shilen) send WAR to Marwan/Pregash

[AI] ( Chris) check member table to see if subject ID matches (Lookup a subject.  Get the identifier.  Look up by that identifier.  Make sure you get the subject with the right ID and identifer.)

[AI] (Bert) look at subject ID and subject Identifier terms and text on source diagnostics screen

[AI ] (Chris) GrouperSystem in another source (WS)

[AI] (Bert)  reply to Chris Sutherin UMBC on pspng examples 

[AI] (Bert)  reply to Scott Koranda about massaging group names in provisioning

[AI] (Bert)  to ply to Shaun K about name null in pspng

[AI] (Bert) to reply to Peter St Onge

[AI ] (Chris) get Grouper working for mysql and postgres

[AI ] (Chris), making delete group more efficient for large groups, fix issue with not allowed to delete group (email tues 1/17)

[AI] (Bert) Jeffrey Crawford email 1/12, full sync missing members

[AI] (Bert)  Scott Koranda email 1/12, error on change log consumer psp

[AI] Chris share Grouper Apereo training info on the Grouper lists when that info is public

[AI] (Bert) email the list about (a small) Office365 versus Dropbox and next PSP project

[AI] (Bert) document how to build PSP NG and patch it  [Bert needs to finish last couple steps] (AI for Chris to try it afterwards)  [Done, Bert’s updated the doc]

[AI] (Chris/Bert) put “make_patch” command in github  (Done) Bert will update the doc

[AI] (Bert) Put these in jira: Grace Periods, Membership Rules, People/Account subjects  

 [AI] (Bert)  document the solution to “turn off old psp issue” that was raised on the list

[AI] (Bert) create PSP-NG Training Video (after necessary patches) using Camtasia

[AI] (Chris) make sure GrouperSystem can’t exist in other sources for WS


Current work tasks

·         Vivek – Attestation 

·         Misagh – not active

Chris – loader in UI , deprovisioning

Move context buttons from group context menu to loader tab

Make patch for readonly loader

(, patches

Bert – PSPNG

My main activity has been around Groups-that-require-members (GRP-1376). This is developed and needs one more (docker) unit test to make sure empty groups are being deleted.

I've updated GRP-1376 with some of these details.

After this, I need to look at jexl performance and/or caching... as I think 5-50k expression evaluations might be causing pauses seen by ucsc and Michael.

I'll also respond to list questions asap and find out about Global Summit when my boss returns next week.

Shilen – real time loader

TIER Grouper deployment guide

 Issue roundup


2017 Global Summit

Next Grouper Call: Wed. March 8, 2017 at noon ET