The NET+ PAG provides community input and guidance to the creation and direction of our NET+ programs and services.  Comprised of leading academic member institutions as well as a regional program representative, the group serves as the community body providing guidance on the size, makeup, technology standards, and financial objectives of the NET+ portfolio of services. Responsibilities include:

Portfolio Makeup  What service types should be included within NET+ Cloud Services

Portfolio Sizing:  Within a given portfolio, how many of each type of service should be supported for maximum benefit

Operating Model:  What business models and approaches are appropriate for the program while minimizing operating costs on members

Financial Recovery:  Guidance on financial matters with the goal of returning highest value to members while achieving financial sustainability. 

Service Architecture:  What minimum standards should be required of all participants  

Service Integration:  What level of integration between services is required

Service Sunsetting:  Final recommendation on when a service should be removed from active subscription.

Internet2 Executive Liaison: Kevin Morooney, Vice President Trust and Identity Services & NET+
Internet2 Staff Liaisons: Elaine Alejo, Executive Assistant to the Vice President; Sean O'Brien, Director NET+ Program

NET+ PAG Members:

Virginia Evans- University of Virginia
Michele Norin- Rutgers
Loren Malm- Ball State
Jack Suess* University of Maryland- Baltimore County
Matt Riley- University of Illinois- Chicago
Mark Henderson- University of Pittsburgh
Cheryl Washington- UC Davis
Kitty Bridges- NY
Eric Hofer-UW

* Representative