Nominations are open for the InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC) for three-year terms beginning in 2017.

Think you’re familiar with the AAC? Think again. The AAC shifted its focus in 2016 to increasing and communicating trust across federation participants. Our work included:

In the coming year, we will continue to develop trust practices built on top of the Baseline to add more value to the federation.

We would like to invite participation from four areas: Auditor/Security, Service Provider, Identity Provider, and Member at Large. If you’d like to know more and have input into the AAC and what it does, please contact any of the AAC members listed at

The committee meets, virtually, every two weeks and has one or two face-to-face meetings per year, with terms lasting for three years. We welcome personal nominations, volunteers, and recommendations for the positions on the committee. Please reach out to express interest or with any questions to Chris Spadanuda, InCommon Assurance Committee Chair,

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, December 2, 2016.