Scenario Background

A new Human Resources employee has been hired in an academic department, and has had some basic access to services established through automated provisioning. In order for this person to fulfill her HR duties, she needs to be added to an institutional group that is allowed to see salary histories for her department in multiple campus systems, including the Human Resource and Finance systems as well as an institutional Data Warehouse / Reporting system.

Narrative Walkthrough

  1. The user searches the Resource Catalog to find a Resource Catalog entry that grants the access she is seeking. This Resource Catalog entry may be specific to her department, or may be an institutionally defined role that exists in every department.
  2. The user submits a request based on the catalog entry, and may provide additional information such as the department(s) for which she is seeking this access.
  3. The Provisioning Service routes her requests to the appropriate approvers based on the workflow defined by the Resource Catalog entry.
  4. Approvers review and approve her request.
  5. The Provisioning Service invokes the Groups Service and adds her to new entitlement groups that correspond to payroll view for her department in the Human Resources, Finance and Reporting systems.
  6. The Provisioning Service re-evaluates her group memberships, identifies her new entitlement group memberships and provisions her access in the Human Resources, Finance and Reporting systems.