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Attending: Mark Scheible, Tom Barton, Keith Hazelton, Steve Carmody, Tom Mitchell, Janemarie Duh, Scott Cantor, Chris Misra, Walter Hoehn, Albert Wu

With: Nick Roy, Dean Woodbeck, Ian Young, Kevin Morooney, Paul Caskey, Ann West, David Walker

Approval of Minutes

The July 21 minutes were approved (with the suggested changes, which were made on the wiki)

Ops Update

  1. Interfederation Technical Policy - holding on this for now
  2. Steward Mode
    1. Making good progress on the changes/deployment needed to implement the Steward Model
    2. Deployment Timeline
      1. Deploy the editable mdui:DisplayName feature on Monday, August 8
        1. Discuss with Ops Advisory Group [DONE]

        2. Discuss with the Operationalizing eduGAIN team [DONE]

        3. Auto-update the List of IdPs in InCommon Metadata wiki page [DONE]

        4. Demo and discuss at RA Functions meeting [DONE]

        5. Update User Interface Elements in IdP Metadata wiki page [DONE]

        6. Send an announcement to inc-ops-notifications [DONE]

        7. Move to production (Mon, 8/8)
Incident report - There was an outage of federation info pages on the website, which was caused by a move to a new server. This isn’t critical infrastructure, but we will take this opportunity to implement a change control process internally to prevent recurrences.

TAC Membership and Terms

Terms for members who were already on the TAC in January 2016 need to be resolved. There are three TAC members that need to be assigned to terms ending in either 2016 or 2017: Michael Gettes, Chris Misra, and Steve Carmody.

Shib IdPv3 Upgrades

There was discuss of the possibility of doing a quick survey of participants on IdPv3 upgrade status. Concerns expressed included an upcoming marketing/segmentation survey already scheduled, and not a clear idea of what TAC would do with the information. It was decided not to do a survey, but to continue to explore other communications as well as identifying vendors that could potentially help. TAC will revisit this issue in a couple of months.

TAC Work Plan

There was discussion of the several working groups that are proposed or in process:

  1. Per-entity Metadata - There is a lot of interest and it has already been quite active

  2. Next Step Federation Technologies Working Group Charter

    1. The discussion was about clarifying the mission and goals for this working group and whether TAC is the right place for this to reside.

    2. The mission/goals needs more focus - so the working group will know the expected deliverable(s).

    3. Rather than focusing on specific technologies, this group might explore the federation landscape and ensuring that InCommon remain relevant in the face of potentially competing technologies.

    4. It might be advantageous to organize this working group around use cases - what do community members want to do that they can’t right now? What is being asked for?

    5. Remove the “best addressed by” phrase from the Charter, and focus on functionality, but list the technologies in order to give some sense of how broadly this group should scan.

    6. It was agreed that this working group should move outside of TAC, in favor of TAC focusing on the OIDC/OAuth2 Working Group

    7. Scott commented that OIDC won’t scale with the number of IdPs that we’re operating within the federation, which is a significant problem.

  3. Deployment Profile Working Group Charter

    1. Keith Wessel has agreed to chair this group

    2. (AI) Steve Carmody will send a reminder to TAC to review this

    3. Time frame - aiming at February completion

    4. Deliverables are aimed at IdP and SP operators. Should we also put in scope “federation operator.” Example - how should attribute assertions flow? Consensus was that this should be in scope.

    5. There is concern about the charter appearing to focus specifically on a SAML2int profile, but that may be only one possibility.

    6. We should seek international participants.

  4. OIDC/OAuth2 Survey Working Group - Draft Charter

    1. This group needs international participation (suggest inviting Rhys Smith and Roland Hedberg). It was also suggested to invite Rob Carter at Duke.
    2. This WG should encourage submission of concrete use cases - problems campuses are trying to solve that have OIDC as the perceived answer.

    3. (AI) Steve Carmody and Albert Wu will refine the charter.

  5. Albert reported on his efforts to begin documenting recommended IdP configurations for popular SPs (see Curating IDP Configuration for Popular SPs)

    1. (AI) Steve Carmody will send a reminder to TAC to review this document

    2. It will be important to have a place on the InCommon wiki where vendors or customers can create this sort of documentation. 

Next Meeting - Thurs., August 18, 2016 - 1 pm ET