Scenario Background:

An existing employee has enrolled to take classes, so now has affiliation and attribute data in both the institutional HR system and the institutional Student Information System (SIS).


Scenario Narrative:

  1. An institutionally defined process invokes the Person Registration and Update service either via a REST API (synchronous method) or by placing a Person Update message into the Person Update queue. The payload of this call/message contains this person's demographic and affiliation information from the SIS, including the unique identifier used in the SIS.
  2. The Person Registration and Update service invokes the Person Match service.
  3. The Person Match Service evaluates the demographic information to determine whether or not the SIS information matches an existing person.
    1. If an exact match, the affiliation is applied to the existing person.
    2. If a possible match, a verification process is triggered.
    3. If matching reveals that the SIS unique identifier is already in use by a different person, a verification process is triggered to resolve the discrepancy.
    4. If no match, a new person is created.
  4. The Person Registration and Update Service stores the new SIS affiliation and attribute information in the Person Master Store.
  5. The Person Registration and Update Service calls the Group Update Service (synchronous) or places a Person Update message in the Person Update queue (asynchronous).
  6. The Group Update service re-calculates data-driven group membership based on the person's affiliation and attribute data (including the newly added SIS attribute data).
  7. The Group Update service invokes the Group-Based Provisioning service (synchronous) or places a Group Update message on the Group Update queue (asynchronous).
  8. The Group-Based Provisioning Service evaluates the person's group memberships and performs any provisioning required by the newly added groups.
  9. The user is able to access resources secured by groups or attributes relating to their newly added SIS attributes.