Registry Job Shell is a command line utility for running various scheduled tasks. It is primarily intended to be run via Cron, though it can also be run manually.

(info) Prior to v2.0.0, JobShell was known as CronShell.

Installation and Running

For installation instruction via cron, see Registry Installation - Cron.

To run JobShell manually, the usage is

$ cd ${REGISTRY_SRC}/app
$ su -c "./Console/cake job ${ARGS}" ${APACHE_USER}

(warning) After running JobShell, it may be necessary to manually clear or change ownership on cache files, especially if the command is not run as the Apache user.


(info) Registry v3.3.0 introduces Job Plugins. Existing tasks will remain available until Registry v4.0.0 (CO-1310), at which time they will be converted to Job Plugins.


  1. job [-hqv] [-c coid] [task] [task...]
  2. job [-hqv] -r -c coid
  3. job job [-hqv] -s -c coid [params...]
  4. job -U lockid

Usage 1 is deprecated, and will be removed in Registry v4.0.0. Usages 2, 3, and 4 are available since Registry v3.3.0.


(warning) JobShell is designed to provide minimal command line output, with actions instead recorded in Registry Job History.


(info) Tasks migrated to the Core Job Plugin in Registry v4.0.0. The descriptions here apply to earlier versions.

The following tasks are supported by Job Shell:


Job status maybe monitored via the web interface by CO Administrators, via the Jobs menu item. An in progress job may be canceled via the Job details view. (Expirations cannot be monitored this way prior to Registry v4.0.0.)