Precondition: Two or more records in the TIER Entity Registry are determined to actually refer to the same 'actual' person.

  1. Alter the SOR records first such that at least one of them reflects the correct data.
  2. From the SOR, invoke the Entity Registry's Search/Match with the updated SOR record.
  3. The Search/Match algorithm will result in a partial/multiple match, creating a work item to resolve.
  4. In a user interface, an option should be provided to merge the some or all of the affected Entity Registry records, with a particular record designatable as the canonical survivor. If a merge is executed, the canonical survivor will maintain a back-reference to the SOR record, while the other merge-affected Entity Registry records will be blanked and become aliases of the canonical survivor.
  5. TODO: resolve impacts on downstream systems, provisioning engine


Search/Match, a service of the Entity Registry

(Restatement of #3 from New person from institutional source)

1. Invoker supplies one partial or complete record containing one or more identifiers or attributes.
2. A search is performed in the Entity Registry against existing records.
2a. If exactly one exact match is found, a response is sent containing or pointing to the matching record.
2b. If more than one exact match is found, or one or more partial matches are found, send to the Person Record Verificiation Workflow to be resolved asynchronously.
2c. If no matches are found, create the record and perform actions that are triggered on creation.