This space is for consultations carried out by the Internet2 Trust and Identity community.  Consultations are typically open for 4-6 weeks for input.

Open Consultations

Open Consultations 

Item Being ReviewedTable to Provide Your FeedbackTypeComment Period
Trust and Identity Document Stewardship and The Document Repository ServiceFeedback HereNew Proposed ProcessAs of August 2016, being reviewed by international partners and by governance/advisory groups.

Recently Closed Consultations

Item Being ReviewedTable to Provide FeedbackTypeComment Period
Baseline Expectations for Trust in FederationFeedback in table at bottom of page hereNew Proposed Standard7/6/16 - 8/10/16
Certificate Service Review WG Final ReportFeedback HereWG Report7/7/16 - 8/10/16


Previous Consultations

MFA Interoperability Profile ----- Consultation (public comment threads) 

Federation Interoperability Working Group

New Entities Working Group 


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