This consultation on Trust and Identity Document Stewardship closed on November 4, 2016

Documents for review (note that as of 2017, these are consider older versions)


Updated but not yet formally accepted documents are here (google doc)


As of May 2017:

Document Stewardship doc 

Document Repository doc

Document Stewardship wiki


Consultation Proposals and Feedback 


If you have comments that do not lend themselves well to the tabular format below, please create a new Google doc and link to it in the suggestion section below.


NumberCurrent TextProposed Text / Query / SuggestionProposer+1 (add your name here if you agree with the proposal)Action (please leave this column blank)
1 Should Internet2 Be Creating Standards?Steve Olshansky Text will be revised to clarify what is meant by "standard" in this context.

Documents must be plain text, PDF, or HTML. PDF documents must be accompanied by a plain text or HTML representation of the document.

Documents must be plain text or accessible HTML. An accessible PDF representation may accompany the document.

Brett Bieber Text will be revised as suggested.
3 Add Accessibility as a required factor for any additional repository format.Brett Bieber Great suggestion. This will be added.
4 The term "Work History" is not well definedMarlena Merrin-Erdos Good point. The text will be revised to indicate that "Work History" refers to things such as wiki materials, and perhaps mailing list archives, that are not part of published documents but can illuminate authors' thought processes.


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