Who Ya Gonna Call? Get SIRTFI’d! - Update on the Federated Security Incident Response (SIRTFI) Effort



The InCommon Assurance Community webinar on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 focused on SIRTFI, the federated security incident response effort.

The expanding network of higher education and research facilities through interfederation presents some new risks. What if a single user account is compromised, and that person has access to many services globally? Such an incident may provide an entry point to our global network of resources linking thousands of organizations. How can we notify all interested parties in a way that is automated and timely? The Security Incident Response Trust Framework (SIRTFI) is working to enable a coordinated response to a security incident in a federated context, which will serve organizations in many countries and continents. 


Tom Barton, University of Chicago

Chris Spadanuda, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Chair of the InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC)

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