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Key Trends in R&E Market Analysis Highlights Priorities and Interests of Internet2 Community Members

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The Internet of Things, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Smarter Cities and the enabling technologies – including cloud computing, cyber security and Big Data – are just some of the trends that will likely be top of mind for Internet2 community members in 2016 and beyond.

Internet2’s Chief Innovation Office compiled a market view of trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that are of importance to the research and education community. The key trends were determined based on their potential economic value in 2025, their importance and potential for the research and education community, and the large amount of data they will create or utilize that will need to be communicated over various networks.

The report was comprised from a strategic view of the ICT market using more than 100 sources; including thought-leaders such as McKinsey, IDC, Gartner, and Frost & Sullivan. This market view of the top 10 trends shaping the future of ICT is pertinent to the research and education community as it participates in and develops innovations to enable these markets.

The Research & Education community of universities, industry, labs, agencies and national and regional research and education networks has the opportunity to lead the technical and business model development, and the student and leadership development, for these key trends. The amount of data, real time nature of the communications of the data, and needs for end to end trust and security of the data related to these trends, are of importance not only to the research and education community but also the world as we work to enable and secure the applications, systems and networks of the future.

Though we’ve combed industry resources to develop this market analysis--the best input about how to support the business and technical needs of universities and combat challenges they face require feedback from community members. We want to hear from you, our valuable community members on how Internet2 can best support you. Tell us--what are some of the most pressing challenges at your university? What keeps you up at night? What do you think Internet2 can do to help alleviate these concerns? Complete our short survey to share with us the importance of each trend to your institution and when you believe it will have the most impact on your campus.

Join the conversation on our community forums to influence future content, programming, workgroups, and events. Your input is vital as we create new resources and collaboration opportunities that propel industry innovation.

To share your input:

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