Design criteria for Registry Reporting service


Can most/all of this be specified via the UI and then saved? (In addition to default, out of the box reports.) Or will custom reports need to be written as Plugins?

Report metadata

  • Name
  • Description
  • Status (Active, etc)
  • CO
  • Authorization?

Report Criteria

  • Domain: CO People, CO Groups, COU, etc
  • Attributes: Status, Valid Through, Title, etc
  • Special Attributes: Count
  • Values: Is/Is Not, In Range(x...y), In Set(a,b,c)

Report Summary

Summary information, pulled from results


  • CSV
  • HTML, includes row numbers, sorting by column, pagination, etc – built on top of Cake Views?
  • JSON
  • PDF
  • Text, similar to HTML
  • XLS
  • XML

Output formats via plugins?


  • Browser
  • Email
  • SQL

For suitable delivery formats (Email, SQL), reports can be scheduled via JobShell to run every hour/day/week/month/etc.

Delivery formats via plugins?

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