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  • Edward Aractingi – Marshall University
  • Brian Stengel - University of Pittsburgh
  • Raj Veeramani – University of Wisconsin 

Scope Statement:

The IOT will incorporate many physical devices, sensors and facilities into a variety of public and private networks. This possibility presents many opportunities and challenges for our members and the world.

Potential areas for innovation
  • IoT Sandbox

  • Smarter Cities / Smarter Campuses

  • Smart Grid Testbed
Some related initiatives
  • Many individual member institution programs
  • NSF projects in “cyber-physical systems”
  • Industrial Internet Consortium test beds
A few potential use cases
  • Smart homes, campuses, and cities (including transportation, public safety, energy and power, building operations, …)
  • Health care (Internet of medical Things, telemedicine, genomics and proteomics, medical imagery, …)
  • Industrial manufacturing





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