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Organize Your Wiki Space

  • some things to think about as you build your wiki

Layout, Look and Fee

  • some tips how to make your wiki space and your pages look different

Tips and Shortcuts

  • Share here any tips you have uncovered about Confluence or how Confluence wiki is helping your collaboration.
  • Attachments
    • Confluence has version control. If you upload an attachment today and then upload an revised one tomorrow, Confluence will keep both files. You will only see one file listed (unless you changed the name of the new version). To see all versions upload you will need to click on the page > Attachments tab. Then click on the triangle shape to the left of the file name. It will drop down a list of all versions stored.
    • Macros are handy shortcuts in Confluence. There is a macro {attachment} which will list the files attached to the page in a nice table. I've set an example at At the bottom of the page is a link to the Confluence site with more information how to use the macro.
    • One way to display an image is to attach the file and then to link to the attachment. See for an example
  • How to Move a Page from A to B


  • Share here your experiences with the Confluence Wiki (please keep brief or add a page and link from here)


  • Add a question here and we'll try to find answer as soon as possible.
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