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The Internet2 wiki service maintains a formal relationship with the InCommon Federation as a registered Service Provider, and is also publically available for use by other federations on an informal basis. Several such relationships have been established, but the service is not formally a member of any other federations and we do not have the resources to change this. You can think of the wiki as a good illustration of the lowest level of trust that federations need to think about supporting.

If you are interested in federating with this service, please contact with your request and provide the following information:

  • which federation you represent
  • a link to a resource describing your federation
  • instructions on how to acquire and verify metadata for your federation on an ongoing basis

In return, you can find the self-signed metadata for this service at its entityID,

If you require some form of verification of the key, you can indicate this in your e-mail and we will accomodate any reasonable process, such as phone verification or PGP signing of the key, but no documents will be signed or any agreements entered into beyond the installation of your metadata.

As a technical matter, the wiki service requires that each IdP supply the following attributes in their standard I2MI profile form, based on the protocol used:

  • eduPersonPrincipalName (required)
  • displayName (optional)
  • mail (optional)

Before being added to the Discovery Service used by the Wiki, you will need to test the system and make sure that at least one correctly-configured IdP from your federation can successfully access the system. You can use a URL of the following form:

Replace "idpname" above with the entityID of an IdP to test.

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