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Local Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can't I see the working groups I'm participating in?
    • A: One reason is that you may not have permission to see those pages. Please contact the working group chairperson.
  2. How can I create a Space?
    • A: At the moment (8/1/06) you need to be a member of the content-mgt group to be able to create a space or have wiki administrator set it up. Contact George (ghb at
  3. What are the steps that a new public user has to take to a) create an account and b) have edit access rights to a space?  (e.g. what collaboranza was doing)
    • A: That person should use  "Sign Up" to register for the wiki. It can be found in the upper right of the initial page.  b) Access rights or permissions to edit or read content in a space or pages are set by the owner / administrator of the space. It depends on how the owner / administrator setups those permissions just how a new user can use the content of the space. Contact George for different scenarios and suggestions.
  4. I would like to add a user to a group; can I do so as a space admin?
    • A: Unfortunately, space admins cannot add a person to a directly to group; As a space-admin, you may add existing groups and existing users to your space (under Browse Space > Space Admin > Permissions), but you cannot create new groups or add users to an existing group. You will need to contact the Flywheel to do so.
  5. How do I restrict a page (view or edit) to a group and one other user who is not in that group?
    • A: The short answer is that you cannot restrict to multiple entities, i.e., you may only restrict a page to one group or one person only. However, the solution to such a problem is to add that user to the group. E.g., If a person needs access to 3 different pages restricted to 3 distinct groups, they will need to be added to each of those groups.

Other wiki FAQs

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  1. Unknown User (csiroskey)

    How do I create a space?

    1. See Number 2 above.