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GridShib Certificate Authority

The GridShib Certificate Authority (CA) issues short-term X.509 credentials to individuals who do not already have them. These credentials may be used to authenticate to Grid resources. To obtain a credential, an individual authenticates to the GridShib CA using their institutional username/password.

To use the GridShib CA, the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. Your home institution must deploy a Shibboleth Shibboleth.IdentityProvider (!IdP).
  2. Your home institution's !IdP must be a member of InQueue.
  3. Your home institution's !IdP must release the attribute eduPersonPrincipalName to the GridShib CA.
  4. Java Web Start must be installed on your desktop computer.

If any of the first three prerequisites are not satisfied, you may use an OpenIdP identity to access the GridShib CA.

To learn how to obtain an X.509 credential from the GridShib CA, browse the following web page:

After reading the instructions on this page, simply follow the links to obtain your credential from the GridShib CA.

If you have problems and/or questions regarding the GridShib CA, please send e-mail to the gridshib-beta mailing list. For instructions how to join gridshib-beta , visit the GridShib Support page.

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