For configuration instructions for COmanage Registry v1.0.0 and later, see Configuring the Shibboleth Embedded Discovery Service Plugin.

If you have chosen to use a SAML2 service provider (SP) for authentication to the Registry and you expect users to want to use more than one login server (identity provider or IdP), you will most likely want to use a SAML2 discovery service to help users choose which IdP to use for login.

COmanage Registry includes a Shibboleth Embedded Discovery Service (EDS) plugin that you may choose to use as the discovery service.

To configure the plugin edit the file


See the EDS documentation for details on the configuration options.

At a minimum you will need to change the value for this.testGUI from true to false before attempting to use the discovery service.

The discovery service URL is

https://<your host>/<your path, usually registry>/shibboleth_embedded_discovery_service/eds/view

For example

If you are using a Shibboleth Native Service Provider (SP) you can configure the SP to use the discovery service by configuring the discoveryProtocol and discoveryURL attributes for the <SSO> element. For example

<SSO discoveryProtocol="SAMLDS" discoveryURL="" >
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