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On December 18th, InCommon Operations will deploy three new metadata aggregates on a new vhost ( All SAML deployments will be asked to migrate to one of the new metadata aggregates as soon as possible but no later than March 29, 2014. In the future, all new metadata services will be deployed on Legacy vhost will be phased out.

An important driver for switching to a new metadata server is the desire to migrate to SHA-2 throughout the InCommon Federation. The end goal is for all metadata processes to be able to verify an XML signature that uses a SHA-2 digest algorithm by June 30, 2014. For details about any aspect of this effort, see the Phase 1 Implementation Plan of the Metadata Distribution Working Group.

Each SAML deployment in the Federation will choose exactly one of the new metadata aggregates. If your metadata process is not SHA-2 compatible, you will migrate to the fallback metadata aggregate. Otherwise you will migrate to the production metadata aggregate or the preview metadata aggregate, depending on your deployment. You can find more information about metadata aggregates on the wiki.

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