***** UEN Pilot Summary, September 2015 *****


Pilot target constituents: Primarily three K-12 school districts integrated with UEN Educator portal and resources.

Pilot Scope: There would be two IdPs, one that UEN would host for educators registered in UEN educator database, and one that the regional service center would host for the three K-12 school districts. There are over 50,000 registered educators in the UEN database.  School district number will be considerably smaller in size.

Initial Pilot Goals: UEN's goal is to stand up a Federated SP and migrate UEN's Educator Portal (my.uen.org) to use this service as its central authentication. Then next step will be to begin migrating other UEN services to it for the same purpose.

Targeted start and end dates for initial pilot: Software development for making UEN’s portal capable of being a federated SP service was finished as of Jan. 2014.  This capability is now functional.

Post-pilot longer term goals:  UEN would like to add additional IDPs at other public education districts and HE institutions. Would also plan to add additional services to the UEN SP's for both public and higher education. Another goal is to help educate and facilitate those with additional IDPs that they can work with other SPs (not just UEN) on a regional, state or national basis.

Federation model selected for project: The pilot will be to prove decentralized federated ID, however UEN currently has a pseudo central ID repository with the current registration that resides with the Educator portal and its services. As UEN’s education communities deploy IdPs, the educators associated with those entities will transition to their local identity for authentication with UEN’s services that are SP enabled.

InCommon Affiliate assistance/role in pilot:   none.

Targeted applications or cloud services: UEN’s Educator Portal, Contact DB and eMedia services.

Status as of Feb. 2014:  A Service Center in SW Utah is committed to putting up an IDP and UEN is working with them to bring that online. Then UEN will work with them to be sure they have credentials into the UEN SP.  That should happen by end of March 2014. The initial pilot will be finished at that point. Then UEN will look to go beyond the initial pilot.

Challenges as of Feb. 2014:  

1) Some of our services are not SAML2 complaint, and we must determine how to update or migrate to a SAML2 compliant service.

2) We want to get to where federated Identity is an official recognized service of UEN. We are working to get the board, the regional service centers and districts to understand the value proposition and the trust fabric. Need to them to commit to putting up IDPs. Cost can be a barrier.  Some do not have the inclination given competing priorities. 

Status as of Fall 2014:  Update goes here.

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