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  • CIC + Friends InC Silver doc group -- February 28, 2013
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CIC +Friends InCommon Silver documentation workgroup conference call, February 28, 2013

Jim Green, Michigan State

Dee Schlatter, Purdue

Steve Carmody, Brown U.

Ann West, Internet2

Galen Rafferty, CIC

Open this up to a broader group, i.e. InCommon members participating in Assurance?
Widen the circle
once it's out there it's really public
good idea to expand the scope
how do we integrate between this call and the Assurance implementers call

how we refer to using SSL/TLS
Jim will ask at tomorrow's CIC IdM call tomorrow

The (small) group here think it's a good idea
Final 1.2 versions of IAAF and IAP.

No revisions at this point – it's been approved
The diffs between 1.1 and 1.2 – FICAM

Alternative means
AD assurance – look at alternative means for AD – tomorrow – make it normative
how do you do encryption over the wire 
No alternative means under the new process – under the AAC – what VT will have to do to address the alternative means – VT's multifactor will probably be the first published alternative means
Duo – cell phone implementation – pretty different from a hardware token

Kerberos – standard text
machines – all in central data center – locked down – always use SSL
Student Life – cloud based – LDAP – try to get them off LDAP
SOX2 – auditing statement – garage apps – security officer – to find companies

Assurance value proposition
language for project proposals

assessment project – Brown's CIO is on board thinking it's the right thing to do
gap analysis

Round robin

Purdue – new president

Chicago – in the middle of audit

Florida – nearly complete audit – AD – alternative means

MSU -- new provost, exec VP for administrative services, our CIO has left, acting CIO just named

Plans/next steps

Ann – Assurance list

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