IAM Online – Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 pm ET / 2 pm CT / 1 pm MT / Noon PT


Three Campus Case Studies of Managing Access with Grouper

Is your campus looking for more efficient ways to manage access to course materials, administrative data, and even HR data? Wondering how to set up roles and permissions for administrators, staff and students allowing them to access the resources they need? Tune into the March 13 IAM Online to hear three case studies from three campuses highlighting how Grouper, the open source access management software from Internet2, is being used to address group and access management challenges.

Host and Moderator: Tom Barton, University of Chicago

Paul Donahue, University of Madison-Wisconsin
Gagne Sebastien, University of Montreal
Rahul Doshi and Michael Gettes, Carnegie Mellon University


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About IAM Online

IAM Online is a monthly online education series including essentials of federated identity management, hot topics from the EDUCAUSE Identity and Access Management Working Group, and emerging topics in IAM. Experts provide overviews, answer questions and lead discussions. IAM is brought to you by Internet2’s InCommon community and the EDUCAUSE Identity and Access Management Working Group.

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