Enterprise Authorization Webinar & Working Session

Thursday, April 16, 2009; 1:30PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Enterprise Authorization - Marina Arseniev

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Truly enterprise-wide authorization solutions present challenges from the technology perspective and even more challenges from the business and cultural requirements perspective. Questions about scope, granularity, roles, delegation, and data integration with vendor and other software continue to be posed in many institutions where authorization solutions have difficulty meeting campus needs. Specific common problems and case studies, such as campus-wide access audits, are the focus of this session. We will share real-world experiences, identify common requirements and discuss solutions (successful or possibly not) to better understand common challenges.

This session will discuss why enterprise authorization is so elusive for so many of our institutions; it will be a forum to share successes and failures. The goal is to define what specific actionable steps or decisions architects across our campuses might be able to make that bring vision and clarity back to their organizations.

*Enterprise Authorization Working Time
Working group time to push the topic forward and define future activities (if any) that ITANA should take on.

Details on joining the Webinar and the phone bridge will be sent out prior to the session.

Follow-On Tasks Identified in the Meeting:
  • Collect Use Cases
  • Best practices - terminology of roles, entitlements, privileges. Work with MACE PAC-MAN on Glossary of Terms
  • Pragmatic ways for changing the campus culture
  • Common language for RFPs. Integration with software service providers. For example, rights need to reside with the institution, not at a vendor website.
Notes from Follow-on Activities and Discussions

One take-away from the Enterprise Authorization Screen2Screen was that we would work with MACE-paccman on a common glossary of terms.

You can see the glossary here:


If you have joined the ITANA wiki, you are able to also work on the MACE-paccman wiki. If you have not joined the ITANA wiki yet, instructions for getting access are be found here:


NMI-EDIT has an Enterprise Authorization Roadmap that may be of interest to many of you. It is located here:


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