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Welcome to the I.T. Architects in Academia (ITANA) wiki.

ITANA Face2Face Spring 2009 Cancelled Face2Face

Hi All,

The ITANA Spring 2009 Face2Face has been canceled, because we did not meet our minimum registration mark. I have heard from many members that they are under travel restrictions or complete travel bans and know that this is a financially difficult time for our institutions. I also know that these restrictions have impacted registration for many other national meetings as well.

I'm working with Internet2 and EDUCAUSE to find a way to still bring these discussions to the constituency. There is great interest in the program we developed for this meeting and in finding ways to gather and collaborate on the topics. To this end, a series of joint web-based presentations with conference call sessions are in the works. There are also local meet-ups being planned. Stay tuned.

I hope that the economic situation turns around soon so that large group meetings become viable once again. Until then, I hope you will join with me in finding creative ways to continue our work together.

Best Regards,

Jim Phelps, Chair

ITANA is a professional organization of I.T. Architects (Enterprise Architects, Infrastructure Architects et al) who work in higher education. This group is focused on:

  • professional development
  • tools and tricks of the trade
  • forming working groups on topics of interest
  • producing common frameworks, diagrams, whitepapers
  • increasing the understanding about the role of architects in the enterprise and
  • providing support and outreach

You can see our charter here:ITANA Charter.  For more information about how to join ITANA, see our document here: How To Join ITANA.  IMPORTANT: Please Join the Educause CG to take part in the email discussions and to get the news and hear about upcoming events.

For editing access to this wiki space, see the Spaces Instructions 


ITANA Face2Face Spring 2009

This meeting has been cancelled.

Next Conference Call:

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Quick Links:

Hot Topics

ITANA is actively working on three topics that were identified as key areas in the Face2Face 2008 meeting. These areas: Data Management, Architecture Implementation Case Studies and Selling Points for Architecture are outlined below. If you are interested in participating, please join the EDUCAUSE ITANA Constituent Group and participate in the Conference Calls.

Data Management

With collaborative research taking place everywhere how do we classify the research data, protect it while the research is going on and then enable everyone to see after the research is published? How do we collaborate with the libraries on this one? How do we arrive at data management policies that cut across the whole institution? What are some of the examples of institutions doing it successfully today?

Case Studies

Descriptions of ongoing Enterprise Architecture programs in your university. How, Who, What, and any impacts the program has had/is having on your IT environment. Descriptions of specific projects that have been significantly impacted (positively) by the Enterprise Architecture program.

Selling Points

How do you describe Enterprise Architecture/I.T. Architecture and/or other architecture practices to leadership on your campus? What does your leadership find valuable in having an architecture group? Do you gather metrics? How could you show ROI for practicing architecture?

Conference Call and Meeting Information

Next Call

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Agenda under Conference Calls

Minutes from previous calls
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Latest News and Changes

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