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Group Relationships
Provide a visual display of groups impacting the membership of a given group. The display would illustrate subgroups and composite factors, perhaps expanded by levels.

Group Relationships PLUS
In addition to providing a visual display of groups impacting the membership of a group, allow the user to search for a subject and see why the subject is <strong>not</strong> a member of the group. Example: given group x:y:allowed, you could lookup a subject and the UI would display that the subject is not a member of the group because of membership in x:y:deny or the subject is not a member of any groups which make up :allowed.

Person Picker Images
Display an image or photo of a subject (person) when choosing subjects to add as members of a group.

Roles & Permissions
Improve the roles and permissions workflow.

Action Timer
When viewing the details of a group, display when changes to that group will next be provisioned to downstream systems, or updated from an external source.

Provide the ability to clone an existing group, including all attributes and values, renaming attributes in the process.

Attribute Handling at Objects
Provide the ability to manage attributes for groups, memberships, etc. on the page that handles the object.

Metadata About Provisioning
Be able to attach built in attributes to identify on a UI where the group is used, and how long the provisioning takes.

Encapsulated Composites
Allow the UI to treat include and exclude lists and require groups differently so that the user does not need to know which group is the whitelist, etc.

Batch Membership Updates
Provide the ability to assign/unassign multiple groups to/from a subject on the same screen. In other words, manage memberships from the subject info page rather than from the group page. This would allow the ability to more easily add a single subject to multiple groups. Similarly, allow for a batch import of groups to which a subject should be assigned.

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