The mission of the Instructure & Internet2 Data Governance Advisory Council is to bring together an influential group of educational leaders who, together with Instructure, will help map, shape, and evaluate new solutions, services and policy surrounding data retention. More specifically, the Data Governance Council will share their work in this space and advise Instructure on how best to move forward with supporting institutional needs for data hygiene, security and governance.


The Data Governance Advisory Council is tasked with the following objectives: 

  • Test concepts, approaches, and solutions for Data Retention innovation in education
  • Provide feedback on product strategy and company future plans around Data Governance
  • Identify opportunities for future thought leadership and experiments focused on Data Governance
  • Collaborate with Instructure for the collection of qualitative data via surveys to Internet2 membership around Data Governance, retention and security processes. Results will inform and contribute to thought leadership between Instructure and Internet2.

Instructure will be sharing company and product strategy details in these sessions and ask that due to the sensitivity of this information, all Data Governance Advisory Board materials and discussions be kept confidential.

Meeting Cadence & Structure

The Data Governance Advisory Council will be led by Melissa Loble, Chief Academic Officer at Instructure. Formal meetings will take place 4 times per year virtually. Informal meetings may also surface around specific areas of interest or need for individual Advisory Council members and/or Instructure. During the Advisory Council meetings, members will share the latest work they and their institutions are doing with data governance. Instructure will also share product updates, areas of investigation, strategies, and challenges it is facing as it experiments with data governance. Instructure’s Chief Technical Officer, Michal Lyasight, as well as Product Managers will attend sessions.

Upcoming Event

July 26, 1pm ET: Data Governance Town Hall

In this meeting, we will discuss Instructure's current and upcoming initiatives in data governance, focusing on innovations in data retention for education. The agenda includes an open Q&A session, exploration of new concepts and solutions for data retention, and gathering feedback on product strategy and future plans. Key topics include course archiving features, configuration of data governance policies, and the implementation of hard deleting mechanisms, all aimed at improving data management.
This event is open to all NET+ Canvas program subscribers. Register here to reserve your seat.

Meeting Agendas

  1. Penn State to present their journey around building a bespoke archiving & deletion solution that fit the needs of the institution
  2. Instructure's Associate General Counsel & Data Protection Officer, Daisy Bennett to present trends and answer questions on data retention as it relates to Data Privacy laws and how the two are interconnected
  3. Instructure's Product Team to present on Product Roadmap and lead a brief Q&A around data deletion
  4. Conclude with a group discussion around engaging the broader I2 Community on this topic
  1. Introductions & Opening Remarks
  2. Data Retention & Hygiene
  3. Thought Leadership
  4. Canvas Archiving Discussion
  5. Reflection & Feedback for Next Council Gathering

Participating Institutions

  • University of Maryland
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of California Berkeley
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Washington
  • Utah State University
  • Brown University



NET+ Canvas Program Manager: Lauren Hanks

  • To get in touch with the NET+ Program Manager, Service Advisory Board, the Service Management team, or any subscribing peer institutions, please reach out to netplus@internet2.edu.
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